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Hi, I’m Emily! Registered and Licensed Dietitian but more importantly your biggest cheerleader, advocate, and accountability partner! Just like you I spent years of my life feeling, well… NOT GREAT. Despite my labs being normal and looking healthy… I felt terrible. From being diagnosed with IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and on multiple medications, I knew something was not right with my health. Add on top of this years of chronically crash dieting thinking Slimfast was better than food! Between Diet Culture, conventional medicine, and google my health was in the toilet. Fast forward to becoming a dietitian, working with multiple functional medicine providers, and diving deep into the root cause of my symptoms and here I am 15 years later feeling the best I have ever felt. I want you to have this experience too. To understand that a lot of what you are feeling is a “symptom” of something underlying going on that we need to resolve. Let’s investigate together and help you feel your most OPTIMAL self!

Whether you’re seeking to achieve body composition changes, improve your lab markers, optimize your gut health, or secure long-lasting lifestyle habits, our tailored programs are designed to empower you.

Nutrition Program Options

One Time Nutrition Visit

The perfect solution for anyone struggling to kickstart their nutrition and lifestyle goals. Book Your Jumpstart Call + Action Plan Now For A One-Time Payment Of Just $899. 

Here’s How It Works:

Apollo Health 1:1 Lifestyle Program

Our 4 month LIFESTYLE program helps you take radical responsibility for your health, starting with your plate and lifestyle habits. 

Here is what’s included:

What can you expect out of a one time nutrition visit

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about where to begin on your journey to better health and wellness? Our experienced dietitian is here to guide you every step of the way.

During your 45-minute Jumpstart Coaching Call, our expert will dive deep into your goals, answer all your burning questions, and ensure you have a crystal-clear understanding of where to focus first on your health, body composition, and nutrition objectives.

No matter your dietary preferences, medical conditions, or busy schedule, our dietitian will craft a customized action plan tailored precisely to your unique needs and aspirations.

Nutrition Visit FAQ's

A: No, if you would like testing done in regards to Lab work or GI Map tast… that is in our Apollo Optimal Lifestyle 4 month program. You can inquire about that HERE.

A: YES! Just a one time payment for this program.

A: Since each of these jumpstart coaching calls are individualized to the patient, Emily will be customizing the complete jumpstart guide + video to YOU and what you need to be successful. This can look like anything from meal plans, meal ideas, grocery list, healthy lifestyle strategies around sleep, hydration, exercise , anti-inflammatory grocery staples, pre and post workout suggestions, etc. We don’t hand out “one size fits all” plans.

A: Yes and No… we focus mainly on using food as medicine and supporting you from this space however, Emily will touch on other lifestyle factors if appropriate like sleep, hydration, exercise, stress management, etc.

A: Please contact our team HERE… we would love to help you decipher if this program is right for you and make sure you feel 110% confident in your decision.

Apollo Lifestyle Nutrition

How The Apollo Health 1:1 Lifestyle Program Works

Our 4 month LIFESTYLE program helps you take radical responsibility for your health, starting with your plate and lifestyle habits.

Month 1

I meticulously assess your health history and current symptoms, collaborating closely with you and leveraging my expertise as Registered Dietitians to understand your unique needs.

Apollo Lifestyle Nutrition

Months 2 & 3

These months are dedicated to action as we craft a personalized plan tailored to guide you toward your health goals through dietary guidance, supplement recommendations, and lifestyle adjustments.

Month 4

We wrap up by celebrating your progress and equipping you with the tools and insights needed for continued success on your wellness journey. Get ready to thrive with Apollo Health!

Apollo Nutrition Lifestyle

Why Apollo Health LIFESTYLE Program?

Holistic Approach: Functional Medicine takes a comprehensive view of your health and wellness, addressing not just physical symptoms, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. We believe that all body systems are interconnected, and addressing imbalances in one area can positively impact others.

Personalized Care: Your health needs and goals are unique, and Functional Medicine recognizes this. We collaborate with you to create individualized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our focus is on realistic plans that fit into your lifestyle, ensuring you can achieve results and sustain them long-term.

Reduced Side Effects: Our approach is to guide your body towards healing rather than forcing it. We achieve this by utilizing a variety of therapies, including improving daily habits, supplementing with necessary vitamins and minerals, and providing clear guidance on achieving optimal health.
Increased Patient Satisfaction: At Apollo, your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities. We provide ample unobstructed access to ensure we can listen to your concerns and guide you back to optimal health effectively.

Focus on Prevention: We believe in investing in your long-term health and wellness. Our focus on prevention aims to extend your overall health and vitality, reducing the need for frequent doctor visits, hospital stays, or nursing home care. We want you to spend more time enjoying life to the fullest.