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  • We do not, but here’s why!
    • We believe strongly that this allows us to work with even greater autonomy and creativity to bring you the care you need and deserve, rather than what insurance might dictate you may or may not need and deserve. 
    • There are a lot of benefits by not working directly with insurance companies, which you can find below. However, some insurance companies will reimburse a certain percentage for out-of-network services and we are happy to provide the necessary form for you to submit. If you have HSA or FSA accounts, you can also contact your account provider to see if you are able to use these accounts for your services.
  • Here at Apollo, we believe in giving our patients the time they need and deserve. As a member, you will typically have access to appointments as long as 60 minutes, and as short as 15 minutes. 
  • The initial appointment is always scheduled as 60 minutes, reviewing blood work, a detailed and thorough medical history, taking vital signs (like blood pressure and heart rate), and establishing a relationship by exploring expectations and long-term goals and outcomes. We will determine if necessary, any other non-invasive testing should be done to rule out other medical issues, and create a follow up plan to determine the best course of action for your individualized health needs. Hooray!

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, who has undergone rigorous training and national certification and state licensing to become an effective and independent primary care provider. Providers specifically trained as a Family Nurse Practitioner (you’ll see “FNP” next to their name) can see patients of all ages, and have a broad knowledge of general medicine to treat patients suffering from a variety of diseases or illnesses. Any NP can assess, diagnose, and prescribe medications, and brings the experience of working at the bedside to provide patients with holistic and compassionate care.

Yes we do! The Apollo team is proud to offer Telehealth medical services, as we realize this option is convenient for many of our patients who may have in-person scheduling difficulties or health and safety concerns.

At the moment, we are currently only seeing adult patients 18 years and up. We hope to offer care to all ages in the future!

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